the mourning glade


you've been lost in the forest for a long time. you can't remember how or why you came here.

a small child emerges from the foliage, or perhaps it materialized from the fog, imbued with life by the moonlight. it's a pretty little thing, but its eyes are too large and luminous to be human. it reaches out a tiny hand, so delicate you could crush it without trying. it seems the child wants to take you somewhere.

do you follow?

the loveless children

welcome to our world~♡ please mind the content warnings and stay safe.

despite the soft aesthetic, this site is home to all manner of dark and challenging themes, a collection of fictional explorations of tragedy and horror. sometimes ghastly, sometimes romanticized, always fantasy. in particular, you may encounter depictions of: (emphasis for particularly controversial themes)

  • ♡ child abuse
  • child sexual abuse
  • ♡ rape & consent issues
  • ♡ violence & gore
  • incest
  • ♡ cults & religious abuse
  • ♡ extreme & unrealistic kinks

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