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the disaster hearts system ♡ lio

  • ♡ he/they
  • ♡ 18+
  • ♡ nonbinary
  • ♡ korean american

lio is the collective name of a DID system alternately known as the disaster hearts system. they are a survivor of longterm religious, parental, and child sexual abuse, seeking comfort, reclamation, and camaraderie in creating and sharing stories about trauma with other likeminded artists and storytellers. they are passionate about the importance of dark, taboo, provocative art as an outlet for negative impulses, a tool for processing trauma, and a way to explore the more dangerous corners of human experience without suffering or inflicting harm.

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❀ shota ❀ cuntboy ❀ fawnkin ❀ furry ❀
  • ♡ he/they
  • ♡ nonbinary
  • ♡ little

the current host of the system is kienan, a trauma alter who sort of stumbled into the front role in 2018. he loves drawing, talking about ocs, roleplaying, idyllic games, and being unapologetically cringe. his favorite games are minecraft, guild wars 2, and animal crossing. he age regresses frequently, and his perspective as a little is very important to his art.

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for comments and concerns you can reach us at lio@eulogaeic.moe

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