return of the coding or smth~


so wow we have been in a huge depressive slump for months. i blame winter and twitter suspensions and the worsening state of the internet. it's getting harder and harder to stay positive and i hate being depressed in publilc so i've kinda been MIA. trying to get back to this tho.

my friend rudy contacted neocities staff awhile ago and got confirmation that they officially can't host content of underage sexuality so... this site is gonna have to move at some point. i've been sort of putting off finding a new host tho cause boy is this all overwhelming. i do all my coding locally so the whole site is backed up offline, so if i get taken down i won't lose everything.

i've also spoken to some other coder mutuals and they've suggested that i change all the images on this site to jpgs so it loads faster. i'm so attached to pngs for clarity and all but apparently high quality jpgs will look just fine at normal viewing sizes for a fraction of the file size, and considering that i already choose not to upload full res to the web, it just makes sense i guess. so that's gonna be a major project in the near future.

an artist does the code thing~


coding is fun! it makes the problem solving brain go brrrr, very nice incremental serotonin rewards for making a thing work! i like it a lot. it sort of gives me a sense of control and independence that i don't really get anywhere else? what with my social media accounts all being subject to the whims of conservatives and corporate advertising interests, my real life being subject to being poor, etc. on my own website i can just. make things happen! i put in an input, i get an output! it's very satisfying and rewarding.

current website itinerary is as follows, in no particular order bc i have the attention span of a toddler on cocaine:

  • build some basic navigation for this blog! i'm thinking probably a calendar type widget so you can click the dates to go to diff entries, like on a lot of other blogging sites. very intuitive and simple to look at. we shall see if it is simple to code.
  • actually write some lore for the character pages / wiki
  • build some form of content warning system for the gallery. i started this site in kind of a bitter headspace about censorship on social media so i took an approach of like. blanket content warning for the site. enter at your own risk. but as things have progressed i'm finding i would like to make it safer for actually chill people to casually navigate. might have to ask knife for help with this one.
  • ♡ and of course, the thing i'm procrastinating about, build a mobile friendly version of the site. for someone who lives on their phone i really hate mobile layouts ;u;

blog start~!


time to try blogging on this little website as well! consider this entry one~ :3 i intended to actually start this blog at site launch so i could have a little blog entry that said site launched! but alas, i got caught up making the site actually functional in more important ways lol, so instead you get blog start~! i hope none of you mind~ ♡