terms of service

  1. clients must read these terms and conditions before commissioning me. by sending initial payment, you agree to these terms. failure to comply will result in being blacklisted; in addition i may warn other artists on social media.
  2. i have the right to turn down a commission for any reason.
  3. commissions are for digital work unless otherwise discussed.
  4. all payments are done through digital invoices unless otherwise discussed.
  5. i take half payment up front before beginning work on your commission, then the other half when i am finished.
  6. i will send screenshots of progress at the following intervals: thumbnails, sketch, lines, colors, shading, finishing touches. please note any changes you would like at these intervals; asking for changes after the fact will be denied, or subject to an additional charge. (e.g. i will not make any free adjustments to the pose after i have already finished the lineart.)
  7. full refunds are only available if i have not started on your commission yet. partial refunds will be decided based on progress.
  8. all commissions are for PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL use only. prints may be made for personal enjoyment or gifts only. if you would like to use my work for commercial purposes we can discuss pricing individually.
  9. do not edit my work without my explicit permission. you may crop it for icons or wallpapers, apply emoji stickers or solid color bars to censor nsfw work for sfw accounts, or apply light filters to match themes/aesthetics, but do not alter the artwork itself in any way.
  10. unless otherwise stated, i retain ownership and rights of the artwork commissioned, including the right to use my work as an example for future commissions, post to my own accounts, and generally use it for self-promotion. exceptions may apply for commercial work, subject to discussion.
  11. clients retain ownership and rights of their own characters, i only retain ownership of the commissioned illustration.
  12. when reposting or sharing my work, please credit in the captions and use the signed copy i provide.

cherry blossom: sketch, flat colors

  • ♡ headshot/profile pic: $15
  • ♡ half body: $25
  • ♡ full body: $35

fawn: sketchy lines, rough shading

  • ♡ headshot/profile pic: $30
  • ♡ half body: $45
  • ♡ full body: $60

doe: clean lines, soft painting

  • ♡ headshot/profile pic: $50
  • ♡ half body: $75
  • ♡ full body: $100

stag: character reference sheet

  • ♡ basic front & back: $150
  • ♡ side views: +$100
  • ♡ alternate expressions: +$20 per
  • ♡ outfits: +$50-100
  • ♡ accessories: +$10-50
  • ♡ additional charges may apply depending on complexity

kirin (experimental): fully rendered painting

  • ♡ headshot: $75
  • ♡ half body: $150
  • ♡ full body: $250


  • ♡ simple background: $10
  • ♡ complex background: $15-50
  • ♡ complex clothing, jewelry: $15-50
  • ♡ complex interactions (eg: orgies, combat): $25

additional notes

    will draw:
  • ♡ sfw, nsfw, various kinks
  • ♡ furry, feral
  • ♡ lolisho, underage, cub
  • ♡ gore, graphic violence
    won't draw:
  • ☓ cars, vehicles, mechs
  • ☓ heavily architectural work
  • ☓ scat, realistic vomit, piss
  • ☓ nazi/hate imagery

note: these are generally not a judgment of your fictional, artistic interests, simply personal preference and comfort. i encourage you to find another artist who is comfortable with that kind of work!